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Sunday, 10 June 2018


MoeDNS - A DNS Management app using Node.js, MongoDB, for use with PowerDNS/MySQL or MiniMoeDNS/MySQL.

MoeDNS - A DNS Management app using Node.js & MongoDB, working with MiniMoeDNS or PowerDNS.


This project is planned to be completely re-designed based on new architecture and technologies. For online production users it is recommended to switch to another provider during this time, as the new project will NOT be compatible with MoeDNS.


  • Multi-user, multi-domain support.
  • [IN-PROGRESS] Admin functionality (All User/Domain/Records management)
  • [TODO] Better user input validation for domain records.
  • A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV, TXT, NS, SOA record support.
  • User-friendly record-adding form.
  • Customize index, about and help pages.
  • Live DNS server status.
  • Domain Tansfer between users.
  • System stats.
  • Dynamic DNS API.
  • GeoDNS with MiniMoeDNS.
  • Moe theme design!
  • And will be more...

Usage & System requirements

  • MoeDNS Server: A Linux server with MongoDB, MySQL and newer version of Node.js installed.
  • MiniMoeDNS Servers: Linux server running MiniMoeDNS & MySQL. (Now using PowerDNS MySQL Schema with additional geo column in records table)
  • Servers replication with MySQL is recommended.
  • git clone && cd moedns && npm install
  • Make a copy of config.js.example to config.js and edit it for you environment.
  • Edit /public/static_html/about.html.
  • node app.js
  • Done!

Translation (including moe translation)

Special thanks to the translation team!


IRC channel: #moedns @ freenode

DDNS Usage

Path: /api
Method: GET
  • domain: Required - target domain-name to resolve, such as or
  • id: Required - target record id to update, so you need to create it before using.
  • type: Required - record type, currently only A and AAAA is supported.
  • ip: Required(Optional if nat is set to true) - target IP{v4, v6} address to update.
  • ttl: Optional - Time To Live option, if not present then will be set to 60 for faster resolve.
  • nat: Optional - if set to true, connection IP will be used as target IP (for clients behind NAT networks).
  • key: Required - your API key.
  1. Create an 'A' record in your domain records list, assuming record ID is 30.
  2. Get your API key at /myapi, assuming API key is 1e10a17f50b057acb17bdc1432d095ee
GET /api?
Now will point to
If your Router does not support custom DDNS service, you could reach your goal using a simple command. e.g., add the following line to your crontab (using criterias above, assuming service url is 
And will points to the public IP of your side with TTL set to 600.

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